Monday, April 28, 2014

OK I'm back.

For those of you who were wondering... what? NOBODY was wondering? A fine lot of
total strangers who clicked the wrong link by accident and now their computer has frozen sticking them here until they reboot

you have turned out to be! I could've been dead for all you know and nobody even WORRIED about me?

Anyway, I wasn't dead -- for all you know -- but I did have to undergo face surgery, because it had been several years since any doctors had cut into me, and the medical establishment cannot allow that to happen.  What happened was I was supposed to have about an hourlong procedure last week to fix my sinuses, but it turned into a four-hour deal that day because apparently I have complicated sinuses, and while ordinarily I rush right back into my normal life and start working (ha!), blogging, etc., right away, given that my face hurt a lot for a few days I decided I would take the entire weekend off and simply watch TV, read a few books, and try to determine if the doctor was just being mean when he told me to sleep sitting upright. (Answer: yes, that's impossible, don't try it.)

But I'm back now and while I'm going to just abandon the A To Z thing because April is almost over and I don't want to sully my new, pristine sinus passages by clinging desperately to what used to be, I'll be posting new stuff regularly, so make sure you promise yourself to check it out before getting distracted by that "sideboob" slideshow on TMZ and clicking off to that other link.
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